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Global Software Sweatshop

Issue #21: Global Software Sweatshop

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Today’s gem is this 2018 article titled “How A Mysterious Tech Billionaire Created Two Fortunes—And A Global Software Sweatshop”

If you’re not a software investor, you’ve probably never heard of ESW Capital or Trilogy. They are a fascinating company and this article does a great job highlighting some of its intricacies.

ESW is a perfect example of Charlie Munger’s “Take a simple idea and take it seriously.” Their simple ideas being:

  • Acquire for as cheap as possible
  • Employ remote contractors
  • Maximize profits from software contracts

For anyone who is a Constellation Software fan, you might see some similarities here. Perhaps a more extreme version. Unlike CSU, they’re a private company so there isn’t too much information on them out there. But here is an example of one of their job posts (an $800k per year independent contractor CTO position).

P.s. if any of my readers work at, or previously worked at, ESW… hit me up, would love to chat.