Entrepreneur & Investor.
Entrepreneur & Investor.

Hi there! I’m Jay Vasantharajah, a Toronto-based entrepreneur and investor.

This is my personal blog where I share my experiences building businesses, making investments, and managing my portfolio.

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A Bit About My Story

I started my career off at Deloitte as a consultant in their downtown Toronto office. It wasn’t long before I left the corporate world to launch my first business, a PPC agency. My agency managed millions of dollars of ad spend for large clients and won several awards.

I used the profits from the PPC agency to co-found & invest in an eCommerce business, which has grown into a 7-figure a year business.

I’ve reinvested cashflows from my businesses into multi-family real estate in the Toronto area, private companies around the world, and a portfolio of public equities.

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As a full-time investor, I allocate capital across a wide range of asset classes. I share all of my investment opportunities, theses, ideas, and strategies on my blog. I also write about various entrepreneurial, tax optimization, and asset protection topics.

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Public Equities

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Private Equity

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