Entrepreneur & Investor.
Entrepreneur & Investor.

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If you’re an intermediary or a founder interested in selling your business (either all or a majority stake), please contact Atlasview Equity. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

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If you’re an accredited investor or a qualified purchaser interested in investing in private cash-flowing software & tech-enabled businesses, please complete this form to be added to Atlasview Equity’s investor list.

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If you’d like to speak with me 1:1 in a paid 1-hour consult, please inquire here. I also selectively do formal long-term consulting/advisory engagements, which we can discuss during our 1:1 if that is something your company is interested in.

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I occasionally speak on podcasts, at conferences, and do interviews. If you’re interested, please put a request in here.

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