Entrepreneur & Investor.
Entrepreneur & Investor.


I have over a decade of investing across various asset classes and being deeply involved in the operations of several businesses. Today, I am focused on acquiring profitable software and tech-enabled businesses through my firm Atlasview Equity.

In the current environment of 0% interest rates and high inflation, there’s no better asset to own than a cash-flowing software or tech-enabled business. Businesses that have low ongoing capex and pricing power are well-positioned to perform well in an inflationary environment. Combine that with high margins and a high level of free cash flow, and you have a defensible investment in the event of a market downturn. My goal is to always invest in businesses that will never be at the mercy of the market in order to deliver predictable returns on invested capital.

The lower middle market is the only place where I’ve found these opportunities at attractive prices. Oftentimes these businesses are owner-operated, and still a bit too small for institutional acquirers. This presents a great opportunity for an entrepreneurial investment firm like Atlasview. We bring our expertise in capital allocation within the business as well as other operational best practices to drive value. This value compounds over the long term, which coincides with my firm’s holding period and focus.

I invest alongside capital partners who share the same investing philosophy as me. The current roster mostly includes family offices and institutions but also some high net worth individuals as well.

Interested in investing?

If you are an accredited investor or qualified purchaser and are interested in learning more about Atlasview and our investment opportunities, please inquire here. If it’s a fit, I would be happy to add you to my investor list and keep you informed on future opportunities.