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Entrepreneur & Investor.

Cash Flow Partnership Program

The Cash Flow Partnership Program is designed to help grow your business through a combination of tools and resources at my disposal. It enables maximum alignment and optionality for both of us. I become a (minor) equity partner in your business and a client/power user of your service/product. In exchange, here’s what you can expect from me:


I promote your business to my audience which currently includes my newsletter, website, and social following. I generate over 1.5m+ monthly impressions from an audience of engaged entrepreneurs and investors. This will certainly accelerate the top of the funnel for your business and drive credibility for your offering. Not to mention, it’s a great way to attract high-quality talent for your business.


We meet on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of your business. From sales/marketing to hiring/recruiting to finance/cash flow. I’ve built businesses from the ground up to over 7-figures a year in annual cash flow. I also sit on boards of multi-million dollar companies and have useful insights that I can share. Gain from my experience, avoid costly mistakes I’ve made, and take the path of least resistance to scale your business efficiently.


I introduce and refer you to my personal rolodex. I have a wide array of potential clients, service providers, talent, and other folks that can be instrumental in scaling your business. This will help you build your network as well, not just to benefit your current business but your entire career.


I am interested in partnering with businesses with proven B2B business models and already have some traction, evidenced by paying customers. There should be enough cash flow currently that it is supporting your own salary/living expenses. I am not interested in moonshots or partnering with completely unproven operators. Show me that you’ve at least convinced a handful of clients to give you money. The business should have the potential to be generating substantial cash flow within months of partnering.

Examples of types of businesses that might be a fit:

  • Outsource CFO, tax prep, or cloud bookkeeping
  • Recruiting or offshore/remote labour agencies
  • Content/lead gen/marketing agencies
  • Buy-side M&A advisory
  • Newsletters or other proprietary media/content

You’ll need to have some sort of experience, background, or operational edge in your business/industry. As you can see, these businesses are all about execution – you’ll need to prove why you’re a great operator.

Upside Case – Where It Can Go?

The goal would be to grow your business to $1m+ in free cash flow in a reasonable about of time (6-24 months). Once the business has reached that level, you have a few options:

Partner With Atlasview Equity

You can take on an institutional capital partner (my PE firm, Atlasview Equity) to continue growing the business. By using outside capital, your business can pursue larger-scale growth initiatives, attract more professional talent/executives, and execute M&A.

Sell The Business

You can make a clean exit, cash out and move on to your next idea. I have a large network of M&A advisors and potential buyers (including Atlasview) in order to find the highest bidder to sell your business to.

Enjoy The Cash Flow

You can stay bootstrapped, continue building the business at your own pace and enjoy the cash flow. Take monthly/quarterly distributions to suit your lifestyle.

Downside Case -What If It Doesn’t Work?

We will set a 6 month pilot period to test the partnership. We will have an exit clause where you have the opportunity to buy back my stake at a valuation agreed upon upfront. If the business doesn’t experience the growth we were expecting, the buyout amount will be very minimal.

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